New Domestic Development Lay out of HSG—HSG Laser Qingdao Branch Opening Ceremony Came to a Successful End

Source:HSG LASER | 7/27/2017

July 17, 2017, HSG Laser Qingdao Branch opening ceremony was grand held in Qingdao City Chengyang District. President of Qingdao Machinery Association Mr. Fan Qinde, Qingdao Deli Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Chu Liangguo, Qingdao Dadong Automation Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Yang Wei, HSG Laser Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Chang Yong and other leaders and the presence of all the guests witnessed this brilliant moment.

Mr. Chang made a speech to introduced the HSG laser in the promotion of China's industrial development on the road 4.0 independent research and development results - China's first five-axis linkage pipe intelligent production line and HSG has a leading domestic level of automated three-dimensional welding intelligent workstation with weld tracking detection system and remote galvanometer welding function. He said that in the field of laser intelligent equipment and automation technology and multi-force together to carry out strategic cooperation to reach strong combination. HSG laser is expected this year's sales will exceed 1 billion RMB.

HSG laser access into the Shandong market since 2015, HSG have sold over 300 sets in this market and got sales of more than 1 billion RMB results. The Shandong market growth is considerable. Especially worth noting that in these two years, sales achieved Multiples of growth, this result related to the excellent quality of laser products and good after-sales service is inseparable, but also enough to prove the Shandong market, the strategic importance of the development of HSG laser.

With the development of China's manufacturing 2025, with the upgrading of traditional Chinese manufacturing industry transformation, laser technology in this process play an important role in it. And the establishment of HSG laser Qingdao exhibition, layout of the Shandong laser market, HSG can provide better and faster service to local customers. Through the new equipment and new technology, HSG can offer critical technical support and targeted system integration solutions for the majority of users.

HSG laser Qingdao exhibition hall was formally established, ambitious and add a new chapter.