Passing Love & Warm to Local Community - HSG Laser Obliging Fund Foundation & Charity Donation Ceremony Completed Successfully

Source:HSG LASER | 7/28/2017

July 27, 2017, “HSG Laser Obliging Fund Foundation & Charity Donation Ceremony " was held in HSG laser headquarter which located in in the Beijiao town. Beijiao Town Charity Association Executive Vice President Mr. Deng Hebiao, Beijiao Town Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau Deputy Director Ms Liang Xiaohua, Beijiao Town Bijiang Community Neighborhood Committee Deputy Director Miss Zhou Meiyui and HSG Laser General Manager Mr. Chang Yong and other leaders, the news media, the donation attended the donation ceremony.

At the ceremony, Mr. Chang Yong, General Manager of HSG Laser, delivered a speech. Mr. Chang said that our factory moved to Beijiao town in 2014, government and the community keep caring and supporting us to get three consecutive years of high-speed growth. HSG is expected to 2017 annual sales revenue will reach one billion RMB. HSG will keep providing good products and good customer service at the same time, also contribute to the community and enthusiastic public service. The future will be through the participation of more charitable activities to help poor masses to create a good community atmosphere, to promote the Beijiao town building a harmonious and happy town.

Beijiao Town Charity Mr. Deng Hebiao, Beijiao Town Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau Deputy Director Ms. Liang Xiaohua, Director of Bijiang Neighborhood Committee, Mr. Zhou Meiyin, HSG Laser’ GM Mr. Chang Yong, Mr. He Weifeng and Mr. Zeng Honghui jointly inaugurated the " HSG Laser Obliging Fund ". HSG laser donated RMB 200,000 to Beijiao Town Charity to set up the title fund to carry out various charity.

At the end of the ceremony, HSG laser donated money to two groups’ masses. Hope to take this “HSG Laser Obliging Fund " set up the opportunity to help the community of poor masses, to ease their family economy and life pressure, so that they can and will have better life status.


HSG laser company in the constant growth of development at the same time do not forget to contribute to the community, always adhering to the "Create value, contribute to the community" cultural philosophy, will fulfill corporate social responsibility into the company's strategic planning, with practical action to spread love and positive energy, Charity-based, care for poor masses.

"Goodness" gives us happy, gives hope, gives the confidence, and gives the strength. Today, " HSG Laser Obliging Fund " officially sailed, we firmly believe that trickle into the sea, will be able to carry the voyage of life; bit by bit moving touched, will be able to hold up the nation's hope.