SDPC visited HSG Laser: Rooted in Shunde District, to Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Traditional Manufacturing Enterprises

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | 10/24/2017

Foshan Municipal CPC Standing Committee Member, Chief of the Department of Publicity, Shunde, and Secretary of District Party Committee Mr. Guo Wenhai visited HSG laser headquarters and research in order to understand the development of enterprises in the region, to listen to the opinion for work of the party government service from enterprises, to understand the development and transformation of Shunde District, do a good job of business services. Mr. Guo stressed that scientific and technological innovation is an important direction of industrial transformation and upgrading, requiring HSG laser continue to take root in Shunde District, keep promoting Shunde District and the national tradition Industrial transformation and upgrading by science and technology innovation. Shunde District Beijiao Town Party Committee Secretary Mr. Zhou Xu, Shunde District Beijiao Town Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Mr. Wang Chongxi accompanied by research.

Mr. Guo and his entourage in-depth study of the HSG laser intelligent equipment manufacturing base and praised the latest research and development of products 5-axis linkage intelligent pipe production line. Mr. Guo also concerned about the development and operation of HSG Laser in recent years, and willing to know problems that may happen in the future while company developing. He said Shunde District Party Committee government will build a larger platform for enterprises to promote such as HSG Laser Technology Innovation and further development of enterprises, hope that HSG laser to Shunde District as the fulcrum, continue to take root in Shunde development, service Shunde manufacturing upgrade, to achieve win-win situation.

On 19th CPC National Congress, President Xi said: Deepen the structural reform of the supply side, and accelerate the construction of an innovation - oriented country. This is undoubtedly a class of high-tech enterprises for the HSG laser hit a strong heart.

The country will focus on the development of the economy on the real economy, to improve the quality of the supply system as the main direction. HSG laser has been the implementation of industrial transformation and upgrading strategy in recent years, close to the government pace and planning. In the area of technological innovation research and development, HSG laser aimed at the forefront of world science and technology, strengthen basic research, and constantly realize the forward-looking basic research, leading the original results of a major breakthrough.

In the future, HSG laser will seize the opportunity to lead the intelligent manufacturing "Into the new era of industry" to promote the Shunde District and even the traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.