Another Technological Revolution to Make World Love Chinese Smart Manufacturing.

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | 12/11/2017

Another Technological Revolution to Make World Love Chinese Smart Manufacturing

——High-Power Laser Cutting Technology Release Event Held Successfully

On December 9, the High-Power Laser Cutting Technology Release Event took place with great success at the headquarters of HSG, which was attended by more than 20 invited customers and saw many customers close deals and sign contracts onsite. This event not only indicated the formal marketing of the Smoother independently developed by HSG but also a revolution in quality and efficiency in such fields as laser cutting, soldering, and surface treatment.

As the first of its kind in China, the Smoother gave rise to a technological revolution. Zhang Hong, process director of the Company, presented in detail high-power laser cutting technology. Incorporating this technology, the Smoother is the world’s latest and unique laser product of applied laser technology developed by HSG’s laser application experts after many years of efforts. It is a perfect auxiliary product for laser processing.  

This product is known for its high quality, efficiency, reliability, cost-efficiency, generality, and ease of maintenance; it is mainly applied in laser metal cutting, laser metal soldering, laser metal surface treatment, and laser metal additive manufacturing. Mr. Zhang proceeded to make a demonstration of the G4020H-IPG10000W as a technology product. In comparison with traditional cutting technology, laser cutting materials adopting the Smoother achieve not only a faster speed of cutting and stable quality but also a smooth surface free of burrs. As compared with traditional grinders, they are more efficient and safer at lower costs.

Let the world love Chinese smart manufacturing – and HSG tries to realize this aspiration with visible technology. At the release event, a number of processed products were displayed. As seen onsite, the products had smooth surfaces and were absolutely free of burrs. After hearing the presentation by Mr. Zhang, the customers obtained an in-depth understanding of the technology by directly watching the products, and highly approved of the technology and performance of the products. The onsite customers showed great interest in the products and some of them even made deals and directly signed contracts.

As a leading manufacturer of smart laser equipment, HSG has been committed to providing key technology and customized system integration solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories; it seeks to help enterprises implement smart manufacturing, change work through smart manufacturing, and make the dream of smart manufacturing come true. At this high-power laser cutting technology release event, HSG provided customers with safe, efficient, and high-quality technological solutions; more importantly, it helped bring about a technological revolution in such fields as metal cutting, soldering, and surface treatment.