One Rope, One Mind – HSG Laser "New Year Staff Tug-of-War"

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, laser cutting | 1/4/2018

December 30th, More than 200 staff members of HSG Laser headquarters gathered together joyfully to hold the “New Year Staff Tug-of-War”. In the competition, the players presented their positive, united and enterprising spiritual appearance.  All staff members of HSG Laser headquarters participated in the competition.

18 representative teams were selected from the grassroots units of all business divisions of HSG Laser to attend the competition. On the competition field, all players united as one and did all they could. The cheerleaders cheered for the players, with yelling and hurrah falling and rising.

In the competition with one climax after another, HSG Laser employees showed their optimistic, brave and progressive spiritual look. The competition has cultivated HSG Laser employees’ team spirit and strengthened their cohesion. Through fierce competition, the Miniwatt Business Division won the men’s championship and the Marketing Department won the women’s championship.   

Fierce competitions have further proved that the new era is for the loyal people, firm people, enterprising people, brave people and all those creating the future with a new mental state and a struggle attitude.  


Now, we are standing at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

Looking back to 2017, we were touched and surprised a lot;

Looking into 2018, we have hopes and dreams.  

Delight tends to come with efforts, and success tends to be accompanied by hardship.

2017 is a hard year as well as a brilliant year.

In this year, we chased our dreams with sweat;

In this year, we casted excellence with quality;

In this year, we won trust with efforts;

In this year, we made success with innovation;

In this year, we witness development with trust.

In the process of realizing our dreams, we might experience setback,

But our dreams will guide us ahead all the way like the rising sun;

We might be at a loss,

But our responsibility will stimulate us to press forward like the bright moon.