Lookout the World column reports Hongshan Laser, where you can enjoy the light of technology of Hongshan Laser in 3 minutes

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, laser cutting | 2/9/2018

Recently, the video titled Hongshan Laser • the Mountain Witness the Existence of Ambition in Heart is officially broadcasting on CCTV 9, Lookout the World, which is the channel of securities information. The magnificent scene and profound atmosphere not only enables you to understand the development of Hongshan Laser but also enjoy the elegant demeanor of Hongshan Laser’s technology and art.


Dated back to December 13, 2017, the most glorious moment of Hongshan Laser, ushered in the interview and shooting of the film crew from the column Lookout the World. This is the improvement of further recognition of the brand of Hongshan Laser. During the interview, Yu Hongbiao, deputy general manager of the Company, introduced the development history of Hongshi Co., Ltd., and its products such as carbon dioxide laser cutting equipment from the beginning of its establishment to the supply of a complete set of solutions for laser intelligent manufacturing. We pay tribute to the times by bearing the ambition in mind while making improvement; we make progress, even a little progress in techniques with trials and experiment times and times again.

Thanks to the national supply-side reform and socio-economic transformation and upgrading, the development of Hongshan Laser which has focused on technological optimization has entered a fast track. Deputy General Manager Yu Hongbiao also pointed out the direction of Hongshan Laser. In the future, Hongshan Laser will continue to move towards the goal of complete set of the laser solution, developing more products which can be applied to more industries.

It is said that column Lookout the World is a high-end finance and economics documentary special column, which takes CCTV security information channel as the basis to multi-dimensionally display through Internet media, television and other channel by integrating major video media platforms. The column focuses on fields such as economic development, science and technology, culture, education and the like in the form of feature-oriented documentaries, it also attaches great importance to outstanding listed companies, private-owned enterprises, key regional projects and key state-level tourist attractions that have emerged in the process of reform and innovation by using unique media coverage to record and witness their ups and downs of the growth process and a deep vein of the brand spirit. It provides the audience with a channel of thorough understanding of the brand to feel the charm of the product and understand the value of brand culture.