Good news that HSG Laser brings four high-quality products to Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition and signed contracts over 10 million

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, laser cutting | 4/9/2018

During spring season, HSG Laser frequently appeared in major exhibitions and enjoyed good news.  It just appeared at exhibitions both in Tianjin and Ningbo and has received a great deal of attention, welcomed the visit of Vice Mayor of Tianjin, Zhao Haishan, and received an exclusive interview with CCTV, which has also good news from the business market!  And then HSG Laser took the company's four leading products to participate in Shenzhen Machinery Manufacturing Exhibition(SIMM) won the trust from customers, on-site signing more than 10 million yuan relying on excellent products and excellent service program.

The SIMM 2018 was held from March 29th to April 1st.  HSG Laser is at No. 2L03, Hall 2 with 522 square meters booth. It is the largest exhibitor at this year's SIMM booth. HSG Laser has demonstrated 4 intelligent laser equipment for sheet metal and tube processing solutions including plate and tube integrated high-speed laser cutting machine, 10000W high-power phantom series, third-generation high-speed laser cutting tube machine, and fourth-generation tube laser cutting machine (Application for car seat production line) . Among them, fourth generation high speed tube laser cutting tube machine, supporting car seat production line, set laser cutting, bending, welding, cleaning all in one, will help customers achieve flexible planning, production tracking and quality control, which improving equipment utilization, reducing the failure rate and manufacturing costs, shortening delivery, and realizing intelligent and digital production. The technology and advantages of the machines have attracted many exhibitors to stop and learn about the features of the machines, and also praised for the excellent products of our company.

In this year's SIMM Exhibition, HSG Laser won the trust of its customers with its excellent products and excellent service programs.  There are 10 orders and turnover of more than 10 million.

After 19 years of development, SIMM Exhibition has become one of the most important professional machinery exhibitions in the world. HSG Laser and SIMM Exhibition have been closely cooperating and growing together. SIMM Exhibition has become one of the important base for HSG Laser's demonstration.