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TS65 intelligent tube processing line is mainly used for production of metallic frame of automotive seats. The functions of the processing line include feeding, cutting, bending and welding as well as cleaning. The advantage of this processing line is its high degree of automation. The whole process just needs one operator because several processes can be finished by the KUKA robot.

Combination Of Laser Cutting, Bending And Welding

The automobile seat elbow tube production line HS-TS65A combines laser cutting, bending and welding to help customers achieve flexible planning, production tracking and quality monitoring. While improving equipment utilization, it reduces failure ratio and manufacturing costs, shortens lead time and realizes intelligent and digital production.


Conveying of pipe after cutting to a transfer station by robotic unit — Pipe bending by bending unit — Laser welding — Laser cleaning

Full Automatic Loading And Unloading Structure

Fully automatic loading and unloading structure is controlled by CNC system, it’s connected with tube cutting machine seamlessly. The whole bundle tubes lifting and loading control system realizes intelligent distribution and layout for tubes with full automatic feeding process. The loading device sends only one tube from the loading to the automatic measuring position, saving the cost of manual loading and unloading and improving the working efficiency.

This tube cutting machine can perform bevel cutting on any tube materials and the cutting angle can reach 45 degrees This laser cutting machine can cut circular tube with a diameter of 20-210mm. This machine can cut square tube with dimensions of 20mm×20mm-150mm×150mm.


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