Transportation is the fundamental, leading and strategic industry in the domestic economy and also an important component of the service industry and modern economic system. Improvement of transportation development and creating a transportation strategy become the cornerstone for a strong domestic economy. 

About Guanxian

Guanxian is in Liaocheng, Shandong, China and becomes a complete industrial chain which collects numerous transportation guardrail facilities manufacturing factories from auxiliary materials (screws and connectors, etc.) to main materials (column and guardrail, etc.). In 2010, the transportation facilities industry became popular in Guanxian and changed to an economic scale in 2016. In recent 10 years, Guanxian has taken up to 70%-80% domestic transportation facilities market.
From the continuous improvement of industrial mechanization and automation, multiple enterprises make advanced strategies in Guanxian that enhance the input of manufacturing equipment and become positive to transform into automation. HSG Focus visits two customer partners in Guanxian and communicates their development of enterprises. 

Part of Guanxian Transportation Facilities Industry Clusters
Case 1: Shandong Guanxian Hengliang Tube Co., Ltd

From 2021, the company kept updating manufacturing equipment and built a digital workshop to achieve intelligent and automatic processing. HSG Focus had a deep communication on company development and products using feedback with Mr Li who is the general manager of this company.

Mr. Li: 'The government has higher standards of transportation construction, so the producing factory needs to update the products continuously. As safety protection products, guardrails need to be manufactured of higher quality. We think the use of semi-automatic or automatic equipment can lead to high product quality and enhance precision.'

HSG Focus: 'Why does your company choose to update tube processing at first? '

Mr. Li: ‘The main reason is the consideration of product standardization and daily output. The connection hole of the tube, column and sign needs high precision. Therefore, we choose to update the tube processing at first.’

HSG Focus: ‘How about the current production situation in the workshop? ’

Mr. Li: ‘The current product quality has a significant improvement. There are three aspects reflecting it. 1. The high precision of products, 2. The high satisfaction of customers, 3. The satisfied installation services and use feedback. ’

HSG Focus:  ‘What else do you value besides the performance of the machine itself?’

Mr. Li:  ‘The brand strength, business philosophy and services are equally important.’

Case 2: Shandong Dahong Transportation Co., Ltd

For Dahong Transportation Co., Ltd, transportation facilities belong to safety protection products and products relevant to human safety. Therefore, they pay attention to updates of product technologies. HSG Focus also has a short conversation with Mr. Dai ( General Manager of Dahong).

Mr. Dai: ‘We want to do others can not do the product, processing others can not process the shaped workpiece. For enterprise development, innovation is the first, we need to walk in the forefront of the industry so that we will not be eliminated by the industry. Additionally, HSG products are operated smoothly and my workers are able to operate them independently in two days.’


Transportation is the essential support of the new development in modern counties and the protection of creating a safe and wonderful life. Guanxian tells us that improving transportation construction can not only focus on the contractors on railways, highways and motorways, but also pay more attention on suppliers of transportation suppliers. Strong supply chains will lead to superb achievements. HSG is willing to serve enterprises in the transportation industry with solutions and professional technology proven by the market to promote the construction of a modern comprehensive transportation system and accelerate the construction of a strong transportation country.