With powerful performance beyond the whole family of HSG meatal sheet laser cutting machine, HS-GT  Seris medium and high power laser cutting machine is for the master who dares to challenge and eager to break through.

ALPHAT1.0 bus system

Efficient-advertising characters automatically fill small circles
Special lead technology for thick plate cutting
Pressure / focus DA correction
Coedge Cutting / Smart Layout

Efficient-integrated nesting software

All-day HSG Cloud Intelligent Guardian

Industrial cloud intelligent interconnection, rushing into a new era, real-time data collection and monitoring, remote and efficient diagnosis and maintenance.

CE international safety certification

EN ISO 12100: Mechanical Design Safety Standard

EN  60204-1: Electrical Design Safety Standard

EN  ISO 11553: Laser Safety Protection Standard


Eco-friendly Clean Cutting Mode

Powerful ventilation, surging power; large air volume, strong air pressure; main contorl air door, small compartment; strong suction, fast smoke exhaust; dedicated air duct, super large diameter; smooth ventilation, unobstructed smoke exhaust; built-in air door, no fear of laser; butterfly valve structure, quiet and low noise.