Optical technology is widely used in all walks of industries. Germany and Japan have the largest photonics industry in the world, leading in many fields of photonics including laser technology, lighting, microscope, and imaging. After the establishment of the German subsidiary Xlase GmbH, in order to further optimize the industrial chain, improve the strategic layout of the company, strengthen the competitive advantage of core technology, and give better service to the industry market, HSG laser has established a professional technical team with two-year duration and found the Japanese subsidiary of HSG laser (hereinafter referred to as HSG Co., Ltd.).

Focusing on the research and development of metal forming intelligent equipment for 14 years, HSG laser always insists on taking technological innovation as the driving force for the development of the enterprise, and constantly accelerates the enterprise to move forward to high-quality development. Relying on the advantages of mature software development and controller development, HSG laser has become one of the technical wind vanes of metal forming equipment industry in recent years, fully mastering the core technology of CNC system, precision cutting head, and high-speed transmission system. HSG Co., Ltd. is located in Chiba, Japan, a developed country of the optical industry in the world. It is an optical R & D center established by Mr. Masai Imai, the former general manager of optical elements Department of Japanese optical multinational company with more than 40 years of optical industry experience, and cooperates with the first-line experts' team in the field of the optical source and high-power laser in Japan.

The foundation of HSG Co., Ltd is not only necessary for strategic planning and cooperate operation, but also a crucial step for HSG Laser globalization and make a breakthrough in such a competitive laser equipment industry.

HSG Japan will build a professional laboratories for laser processing and testing , optical components precision testing, and optical testing laboratory in Japan. Relying on Japan's photonics industry, HSG will give full play to the advantages of technology and experience, adhere to the quality, establish a comprehensive laser application technology and core parts innovation system and mechanism, regard scientific and technological research and development technology as the backing, and truly create in the development, enhance the core competitiveness in the field of metal forming intelligent equipment solutions through innovation, and design and develop more high-end smart products for industry users.