Decades of technical strength combine with the cutting-edge technology in the industry.
HSG Laser has launched a new HSGX8500 high-power professional plate cutting system to bring users a simple, flexible and efficient high-power thick plate cutting experience.

Rich auxiliary functions, challenging the stability of higher power performance, abandoning all kinds of complex operations, and creating an exquisite upgraded experience

——This is HSGX8500.

7 Core Technologies To Unlock The Wisdom Of Cutting Experience

Leading Down

After perforation, the cutting head adjusts to the proper height, avoiding slag, preventing from shaking, and achieving smoothly cutting of thick plates.

Automatic sharp corner recognition
Automatically identify the location of sharp corners, adjust them to the appropriate process parameters in advance, and cut sharp corners stably without burning.

Smooth & Flawless Cutting

Special process optimization, to achieve the end position of the closed figure is smooth and flawless.


According to the depth of the perforation, the appropriate laser process can be automatically adjusted to achieve the rapid and stable penetration of the thick plate without slag.

Simple Operation

You can choose any graphics to start the cutting, and there is no need to worry about processing accidents. Each part is a finished product with only One-click repeated processing.

Remaining Materials Cutting Presenting

No graphics are needed, simply presenting different positions, you can cut according to the path, no restrictions on the graphics, saving materials and costs.

Innovative integration, compatible with international brand processing codes

Compatible with TRUMPF, Bystronic and other brand processing codes, with good versatility, flexibility and convenience.

The brand new HSG-X8500 high power sheet cutting system presents an intelligent experience for thick sheet cutting.