Want to become an expert in tube processing?

The kind that does not need to delve into technology.


Turn pipe processing into enjoyment.

Do you know what kind of experience it would be?

Just imagine it!

No longer make special profiles, 3D bevel cutting and other special processes the shortcomings of competition?

No longer delays the delivery time due to complicated maintenance, testing, and operator error failures?

Don't need to sweat profusely for production, be careful on everything and do it all by yourself?


Want to wait for the high-quality products with a simple move!

Want to finish your work easily in one step ahead of your competitors!

Want to outperform my peers, and seize every business opportunity with the phrase "Domestic is my way"!


Guess how can these ideas be achieved?


The new HS-R9 professional beveling laser pipe cutting machine

Will solve your problem


Profound heritage-action ability

Benchmark the technology trend of the international laser cutting machine industry,

Condensed for 6 years, international quality level.

Create a benchmark for laser tube cutting technology in China,

Combining cutting-edge technology,

R9 and you will be sweeping a new round of whirlwind of "Extreme Wisdom" pipe processing.

Holding the "ace" card, focusing on tube cutting technology in all fields


Break through the pipe processing limit of the same level in the industry,

The pipe shape is fully covered, and the processing range is expanded by 12%.

(The picture indicates the cabinet board, special profile and size, etc.)

Three-dimensional five-axis cutting technology

Break through the limitation of straight cut of conventional 0° section,

Easily realize the maximum 45 degree bevel tube cutting,

Meet the needs of V-groove welding of medium and thick pipes,

Achieve seamless splicing of pipes.

Excellent performance, leading the industry

Maximum speed 140m/min,

Maximum speed 120r/min,

The maximum acceleration is 1.2G,

Cut 3.5 Φ6mm round holes in 1 second.

Strong power, passion interprets speed as benefit;

One step ahead, strength shows full combat effectiveness!

Witness the new label of strength


The first domestic application multi-touch operating system

Fingertip touch, flexible switching,

Make operating industrial equipment as easy as operating a tablet computer.

Various self-developed customized functions,

Wait for the high-quality finished product effortless with one easy move.

Easy operation, everyone is an "experienced master".

Industry exclusive cutting process

Unique speed+, flying cutting, leapfrog cutting-edge technology,

Innovate smart cutting solutions for all kinds of special-shaped pipes and profiles,

Strength interprets the charm of peak cutting pipes.

First "Intelligently Thinking Chuck" in China,

Accurately sense the clamping state of the jaws and the size of the pipe,

Real-time wireless data transmission, adaptive adjustment of clamping force.

Reject manual operation sweating profusely,

The equipment is with IQ of 180, which is easy to operate.

Enjoy top class treatment in the industry

Expand business scope and accept more abundant and diversified business orders.

Shorten delivery time and increase single-day processing output.

Reduce labor input and save labor costs.

Low machine failure rate, reducing equipment maintenance costs.

Still worrying about pipe processing?

Ask the "wisdom" expert-R9 what to do.



The new HSG Laser HS-R9 professional bevel laser pipe cutting machine.

The industry's pipe cutting technology "intelligent" expert.