On September 1st , 2020, the 21st SIMM Exhibition, an international professional exhibition of manufacturing equipment in South China, was held today. With the theme of "Global Intelligent Sheet Metal Processing Factory", HSG Laser together with its star products of laser cutting machines, bending machines and welding machines, debut products, and hot-selling models in the market to form a powerful lineup.

HSG Laser's new tube processing expert, HSG-R5, launched globally at this exhibition, became the spotlight of the booth. The exciting lineup of exhibitors, together with the industry's leading smart technology, clearly shows that HSG Laser is highlighted the emerging trends and technologies influencing the future of manufacturing and fully focusing on the "China Smart Manufacturing 2025 Development Strategy", and becoming “a respected company in the global metal forming industry " with stable steps.

HS-R5, the new tube processing expert, is leading the way!

Presenting new laser cutting products, designs and technologies

The main attraction on the HSG Laser booth is undoubtedly the world premiere of the new tube processing expert, the HS-R5, a new generation of laser tube cutter. As the new generation of HSG's tube cutting machine family, HS-R5 was developed specifically based on the domestic market applications: the single tube load of 200kg, covering a wide range of tube processing demands and operations (round tube diameter Φ20mm-254mm; square tue edge length 20*20mm-200*200mm) really meets the ideal demands of users in the industry for tube cutting operations, and has won high praise from audiences on-site: "The R5 comprehensively covers the current processing needs of many types of tube in the industry and isthe best choice for tube cutting and processing."

Metal Forming Solutions - Bending & Welding Machines

Showing the new power of HSG global sheet metal processing

At the Shenzhen SIMM exhibition, HSG Laser exhibited two hot sellers, HB6020 hybrid electric bending machine and HC1704 electro-hydraulic servo bending machine. The intelligent automatic control system of the HC electro-hydraulic servo bending machine can accurately and automatically calculate the operating bending angle, main pressure, deflection compensation, backgear correction and other data.

HB oil-electric hybrid bending machine adopts DSVP two-way pump control technology with high stability and energy saving of more than 60%. Excellent Y value calculation and high-precision positioning system, automatic deflection compensation produces the corresponding optimal deformation according to the pressure, so as to ensure good bending accuracy. Provide users with high-precision and stable bending operations and high-quality angle solutions.

The HSG Laser FMW1000 handheld welding machine is also on display. Compared with the traditional welding equipment, the FMW1000 is easy to operate and can easily achieve high-quality and exquisite welding results with zero basis. In addition, FMW1000 has more than twice the welding speed of argon arc welding, and its strength improves corporate efficiency.

In addition to HSG Lasers new product lineup, the booth also set up a P10 high-power laser cutting head interactive experience area, laser cutting sample display area and customer negotiation area. Through a rich immersive interactive experience, brand new products, high-tech, and real processing scenes are perfectly blended, showing the new style of the metal forming equipment industry.