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The new generation R5 series with its sophisticated tube laser cutting technology is emerging from the leading industry.

Superior Performance *Best Price

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the pursuit of perfect performance of tube cutting is no longer out of reach, because HSG intelligent tube cutting technology has become everyone's first choice.

It is exported to more than 100 countries and regions on six continents.

No. 1 in domestic use of similar machines for many years,

And the number keeps growing.

Iterative history of the HSG tube cutting family

Originated in 2015

The 1st Generation Tube Cutting Machine HS-B60

Insight into the industry's tube cutting needs, take the lead in research and development, the first generation of HSG laser tube cutting machine, satisfy the market needs for round tube, square tube and other conventional tube cutting processing.

2016 Exploration

The 2nd Generation Tube Cutting Machine HS-T60

The released of automatic laser tube cutting operations, brought the "automated" tube cutting experience and the automatic loading and unloading system which greatly reduced the difficulty of tube cutting operations.

The 3rd Generation of Fully Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine HS-TH65 

The hot-selling tube cutting machine was born to realize the processing of a wide variety of tubes and profiles, which is the first shot in the independent development of HSG's tube cutting system and brought more stable automatic processing quality.

2017 Customization

HS-TP65 The First Generation 3D Pipe Cutter

Became the first machine to realize tube bevel cutting in China, the system function can be customized according to the user's requirements, bringing more possibilities for tube cutting. Developed the 3D tube cutting application scenarios.

2018 Innovation

HS-TS65 High Speed Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Another step from "automation" to "intelligence", the professional tube cutting system X9000 was born.

The emergence of intelligent digital chucks makes production more convenient. 120m/min, a new record for cutting efficiency of tube machines in the industry.

HS-TM65 Tiny Tube Laser Cutting Machine 

Customized fine tube processing, the first ultra-small tube laser cutting in the industry, for the smallest tube diameter--Φ10mm extremely tiny tube, providing high-precision and seamless cutting solutions. It is an industry breakthrough research and development of customized special models in subdivisions.

2019 Dedicated

HS-TP65S Three-dimensional Five-axis Tube Laser Cutting Machine  

Based on the upgrade iteration of the TP65 3D tube cutting machine,

Innovative black tech such as RapidCut storm cutting, leapfrog function, flying cutting technology, etc.

So far, HSG has achieved another new level in the independent research and development of tube cutting systems, an enterprise with superior system research and development capabilities.

HS-TX65 Intelligent Compound Tube Processing Center  

The one-stop solution for pipe processing was released. In addition to automatic fine pipe cutting, the machine is also equipped with more functions such as melting drill and automatic pipe material library, etc.

Users can enjoy the convinience of making "finished product" with just “one click”.

HS-TL500 Ultra-heavy Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The first domestic tube cutting equipment to realize Φ426mm super large tube diameter, the maximum load-bearing capacity of the hydraulic chuck is 1.5 t, and it can realize the three-dimensional bevel cutting of 12 meters long tube.

This Customized model is applied to the subdivision of overweight tubes.

2020 Ultimate

HS-TH65plus Zero Tailing Tube Laser Cutting Machine  

The domestic first four-chuck zero tailing equipment, smart cutting, extremely improving material utilization.

A real "zero tailing" tube cutting with peak performance and economic benefits.

HS-TX65plus Heavy-duty Laser Tube Cutting Machine

As a revolutionary new tool for profile processing, TX65plus weighs 500kg and has a cutting range of 325mm large tube diameter, including various conventional tubes and heavy profiles.

Provide professional cutting solutions for angle steel, channel steel, H-shaped steel and other profiles.

HS-R5 New Generation Laser Tube Cutting Machine

The "all-round development" players of the HSG tube cutting family focus on professional performance and bring personalized experience upgrades, saving 50% of labor costs and increasing processing efficiency by 20%. 7*24 hours of smart operation, no manual intervention is required, and strength is the value optimization of high-energy multiplication.


In 2020, technology will continue to evolve over time.

The new HSG-R series of tube processing experts, smart craftsmanship and fine quality, digitally identify tube sizes, and accurately control cutting.

A New Simple Touch Experience

"Enjoy" more functions immediately, minimal touch to bring "wonderful" experience


Exploring The Endless Boundaries Of Technology,

Redefine Tube Processing.

The Brand New Tube Processing Experts R Series

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