Date: 2/9/2018

Lookout the World column reports Hongshan Laser, where you can enjoy the light of technology of Hongshan Laser in 3 minutes

Recently, the video titled Hongshan Laser • the Mountain Witness the Existence of Ambition in Heart is officially broadcasting on CCTV 9, Lookout the World, which is the channel of securities information. The magnificent scene and profound atmosphere not only enables you to understand the development of Hongshan Laser but also enjoy the elegant demeanor of Hongshan Laser’s technology and art.

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Date: 2/5/2018

“Laser plus Change the Future” - Hongshan Laser 2017 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony and 2018 Spring Festival Gala

2017 has passed by; Everyone has changed a little in the past year; There are a lot of sweat, tears, pains as well as joys behind such changes. This is the best time as well as times with the fastest rhymes; As long as we insist; as long as we work hard; as long as we make arduous efforts; times will not disappoint us. Our prospect in 2018 will be more and more powerful, more and more wonderful.

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Date: 2/2/2018

Official Establishment of CPC Party Branch of Foshan Beyond (HSG) Laser Technology Co., Ltd

In the Conference of Company Party Branch Establishment, Mr. Huang Zhihai, member of Beijiao Town Party Committee and Chief of Organization Working Office read the reply for the approval of Party Branch establishment.

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Date: 1/4/2018

One Rope, One Mind – HSG Laser "New Year Staff Tug-of-War"

December 30th, More than 200 staff members of HSG Laser headquarters gathered together joyfully to hold the “New Year Staff Tug-of-War”. In the competition, the players presented their positive, united and enterprising spiritual appearance. All staff members of HSG Laser headquarters participated in the competition.

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Date: 12/11/2017

Another Technological Revolution to Make World Love Chinese Smart Manufacturing.

As the first of its kind in China, the Smoother gave rise to a technological revolution. Zhang Hong, process director of the Company, presented in detail high-power laser cutting technology. Incorporating this technology, the Smoother is the world’s latest and unique laser product of applied laser technology developed by HSG’s laser application experts after many years of efforts. It is a perfect auxiliary product for laser processing.

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Date: 11/23/2017

HSG is to display its Myriabit Laser Cutting Machine in DMP held in Dongguan to power Dongguan' s manufacturing upgrading.

As a benchmark enterprise in the industry of intelligent equipment manufacturing, HSG will display G4020H Myriabit Laser Cutting Machine, Specialized Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine TH65 and Outside Surround Double Drive Plate and Tube Integrated Machine G3015E in the exhibition to power Dongguan’s manufacturing upgrading.

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Date: 11/18/2017

Donating blood, offering love---- Hongshan Laser organizes staff to participate in voluntary blood donation

It is said that the majority of the company leaders and workers responded to the call of blood donation actively. From the company leader to ordinary frontline staff, from those in research departments to those in production workshops, a total of 104 employees participated in blood donation on that day. After physical examination and blood test, 100 qualified people donated their blood and 30900 ml of blood was collected.

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Date: 11/14/2017

HSG Laser Shanghai CIIF Industrial Fair ended successfully, 5 days won 20 million orders

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Date: 11/8/2017

'Hidden champions' author Hermann Simon give HSG Laser thumbs up

On 7th Nov., more than 50 guests who were attending Sino-German Business Investment and M & A Forum, accompanied by Liu Dianxun (director of Investment Promotion Bureau of the State Ministry of Commerce) and Zhu Xixiong (member of the party group of Shunde People's Government and executive deputy director of Development and Construction Committee of Shunde Northern Area) and other leaders visited HSG Laser together.

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Date: 10/25/2017

HSG laser intelligent manufacturing plant open day and million tile laser cutting equipment new conference held a grand

HSG laser intelligent manufacturing plant open day and 10KW fiber laser cutting equipment new product launch event was held in HSG Laser Headquarters on 25th Oct. Beijiao Town Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau Enterprise Service Center Mr. Liang Sheng, deputy director of the Shunde Machinery Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Guangdong Yi Mi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. Mr. Liao Chang qing, IPG (Beijing) Mr. Feng Xu bin and customers from all over the country gathered together to witness the new release of the 10KW fiber laser cutting equipment.

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