DSVP-Based Oil-Electric Hybrid System

Dual servo motors control the oil pump directly, the braking speed is fast and the production efficiency is greatly improved;
the servo motor can stop working when the system does not require flow or pressure functions, environmental and low energy consumption;
low heat balance temperature, reduce the risk of oil leakage, no need of cooling device, nor traditional large-volume oil tank;

High Rigidity Frame + Automatic Deflection Compensation

High-rigidity frame, the shape of the frame is designed and optimized through structural analysis, effectively improve the full-length bending accuracy. Angle tolerance for the full-length bending workpiece is ±30';
The automatic deflection compensation system can automatically calculate the compensation amount according to the length, thickness and angle of the bending workpiece through the compiled processing program, and match the corresponding reverse deformation amount when the pressure is applied.

Efficient And Reliable Rear Positioning System

It is fixed after high-speed movement, the X-axis: 500mm/s, the Z-axis: 700mm/s, the R-axis: 60mm/s;high measurable length, the X-axis: 600mm. High positioning accuracy, X-axis: ±0.01mm, Z-axis: ±0.1mm, R-axis: ±0.1mm. Note: Only applicable to HB1003/HB6020

Various Upgrade Solutions

An automatic corresponding interface can be added to facilitate for automatic upgrade at any time, and the bending process is simpler and faster.

Intelligent CNC Control System, Improve Efficiency

  • Airborne CAM system

    The numerical control system adopts elaborately designed graphics (Windows TM style) and advanced 3D functions. It is a real airborne CAM system (Italian STEP).

  • Automatic Saving, Data Sharing

    The system supports multi-format file import, keyword retrieval, and production instructions can be accepted through the bending plan function; the bending sequence, mold layout and other settings can be edited and saved; and the system adds a remark function, which can remark and share processing points, the processing information can be saved automatically and realize data sharing after the processing is completed.

  • Humanized Screen Display

    Humanized screen display, can display special molds, at the same time strengthen the simulation function and mold positioning guidance function, the installation of molds is simpler;
    You can use the full-length correction function to easily correct the angle, and perform processing with reference to the 3D simulation.

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