DSVP-based Oil-electric Hybrid System

Dual servo motors control the oil pump directly, bringing fast braking and substantially improved production efficiency; Servo motor may stop if flow or pressure is unneeded, which reduces noise and energy consumption, so that working environment gets better and operating costs are minimized; Low heat balance temperature lowers the risk of oil leakage, no need for cooling device, nor traditional bulky oil tank, highly stable, hydraulic system and oil cylinder will last for longer time.

High-rigid Frame + Automatic Deflection Compensation

High-rigid frame is optimized in shape and can improve the entire bending accuracy based on calculated Y value and accurate workbench positioning. The angle tolerance of bending workpiece is ±30’; Automatic deflection compensation system can use processing program to calculate compensation automatically according to the length, thick and angle of the bending workpiece, in addition, match with inverse deformation while boosting pressure.

Efficient and Reliable Post-positioning System

Position after high-speed movement, X-axis: 500mm/s, Z-axis: 700mm/s, R-axis: 60mm/s; length measured on X-axis: 600mm; High positioning accuracy, X-axis: ±0.01mm, Z-axis: ±0.1mm, R-axis: ±0.1mm. Note: Only applicable to HB1003/HB6020

Various Upgrade Solutions

Add automation interface to enable automation upgrade whenever necessary, and make bending more simpler and faster.

Intelligent CNC System, Improve Turnover Rate

  • Built-in CAM System

    The CNC system uses well-designed graphs (Windows TM style) and advanced 3D functions. It is a real CAM system (Italian STEP).

  • Automatic Saving, Data Sharing

    The system can import files in different formats, offer keyword-based retrieval and accept production instructions through bending plan; Edit and save bending sequence and mold layout; Add the noting function, by this, processing cautions are noted and shared, processing information is saved and data are shared by itself after processing.

  • Humanized Screen, Easy Operation

    Humanized screen shows special molds and can optimize the function of simulation and mold positioning & guiding. By this, molds will be installed in more simpler way; Length compensation is available and easy. Processing is done based on 3D simulation.

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