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New Highly-rigid Frame

Its slide block, lower platform, left and right column are subject to finite element mechanical analysis. With this newly upgraded frame, the overall bending precision will be kept within 0.5°.

Efficient and Reliable Post-positioning System

Back gauge can move at the speed of 1000mm/s, 2-3 times faster than traditional machines. The slide block will lift and fall at the speed of 200mm/s. The bending speed reaches 15mm/s.

Further Expansion of Processing Range

Its open height and stroke of slide block are raised to 520mm and 250mm respectively. In combination with 420mm (depth) throat, the bending range is further expanded. Time spent on taking out bending workpiece is reduced and any possible scratch is effectively prevented.

High Bending Precision

The two-way convex deflection compensation device, with 1.5mm convex amount at most, can adjust bending precision efficiently. Its throat deformation compensation device is also available for high precision. The high-precision back gauge positioning helps to make reliable blockage possible.

User-friendly Operating System

Operating interface is clear and legible and can create bending scheme automatically. With stable bending platform, HB can adapt to various complex environment.

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Technical Parameter

  • Technical Parameters
  • Bending Force
  • Bending Length
  • Spacing of Side Plates
  • Height of Lower Platform
  • Depth of Throat
  • Open Height
  • Fast Falling Speed of Y Axis
  • Bending Speed of Y Axis
  • Capacity of Oil Tank

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

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