Large-format Thick Plate Cutting

Laser power 6000W-12000W, long-term batch stable cutting of thick plates with a thickness of more than 20mm, Ultra-thick sheet with a max thickness of 50mm or more.

Sectional Splicing Bed, Length Customizable

The bed is designed in sections, with a single section length of 7 meters, which can be customized and lengthened according to the processing needs; it is easy to disassemble and install, quickly put into production.

Innovative Modular Workbench

Independent developed patent modular platform, easy to dismantle and replace, no hindrance to production, efficient and safe maintenance.

Innovative Environmental Ventilation System

With the exhaust system on the right, the smoke is instantly sucked into the special air duct; the bed adopts a small grid partition, the corresponding damper is automatically opened according to the position of the cutting head so that the suction force is more concentrated, and the ventilation is smoother.

Positive Pressure Protection

Positive air pressure into the machine at the top and strong suction at the bottom, smoke is exhausted quickly, eco-friendly without polution.

Imported Parts, Precise Control

  • Imported High-power Auto Focus Cutting Head

    German Precitec high-power cutting head, automatically adjusted focus point, suitable for a variety of focal lengths. Real-time monitoring of status and intelligent advanced warning of failure.
  • Gas Servo Proportional Valve

    Adopted Germany imported 3-in-1 proportional valve, which is high pressure durable and stable. Different auxiliary gases are connected and automatically switched when used.

Active Protection System

  • Anti-collision Protection

    The cutting head keeps a safe distance from the cutting surface at any time, and has the function of touch stop to reduce the risk of collision.
  • Intelligent Stroke Protection

    Auto monitoring of transmission parts' travelling range transmission parts. The system can give sensitive feedback and quickly command to stop when abnormal, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  • Intelligent System Alarm

    Equipment can conduct self-inspection, main interface can display abnormal alarm, reduce hidden dangers and improve equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

Product Introduction Video

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Working Area (L*W)
  • Stroke (X/ Y/ Z Axis)
  • X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy
  • Max. Moving Speed
  • Max. Acc. Speed
  • Power Porection Grade
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Loading Weight
  • Machine Weight
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)

*The above data is for reference only, subject to the actual product!

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