More Scientific and Durable

TL300E, based on our cutting-edge four-chuck tube laser cutting machines, is installed with side-attached machine bed as same as TL series ultra-heavy laser machines. Hence, TL300E becomes more scientific; While loading and unloading heavy tubes, its machine bed and guide rails will not be collided or destroyed. As thus, machine bed is more steady and durable.

Easy to Operate, Wide Range of Loading

TL300E’s automatic loading mechanism is easy to operate and will start to load only after a bottom is pressed. It is suitable for loading not only standard tubes, but also special-shaped tubes like channel, angle and H-shaped steel. With TL300E, you can greatly improve your production efficiency and save a lot of labor costs.

Cut Big and Heavy Tubes Easily

For TL300E, 300kg big or heavy tubes are only just “a piece of cake”. Its loading mechanism also offers much safer loading to prevent tube collision and deformation.

Cutty or Zero Tailing

HSG’s innovative intelligent three chucks can detect tube position and angle automatically, clamp tubes precisely and carry out reversing cutting to offer cutty tailing (≤50mm, or real zero tailing when remaining workpiece≥950mm). Moreover, the machine will get tubes ready during clamping, as a result, material utilization and costs are greatly improved and saved respectively.

Cut Long Workpiece

TL300E can cut 6000mm or longer entire workpiece at high cutting precision. Due to smooth and slagless section, workpieces will be seamlessly spliced into complex patterns easily.

Special Tube Cutting System

Our operating system is easy to learn and operate for green hands. Before cutting, they only need to import graphs and invoke related parameters. TL300E can process different materials into various complex shapes.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Round Tube Dia.
  • Side Length of Square Tube
  • Standard Cutting Length
  • Max. No-load Speed
  • Max. Chuck Speed
  • Max. Acceleration
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Weight of Single Tube

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