HSG-XMT Multi-touch Operating System

Thanks to multi-touch operating technology, you just need to slide your fingertips on the screen if you want to switch between pages; It is unnecessary for you to spend a lot of time to program on drawing software because arraying, joggling and other processing patterns allow to be invoked from its self-owned spare parts graph library; XMT leads to a great simplification in programming, operating, production and maintenance. Your green hands can seek out commonly-used functions instantly and learn how to operate this system with ease as a result of its extremely simple UI interface. It can be said that, R6 will be operated as simple as operating a tablet computer.

Germany-imported EtherCAT Bus Control Technology

HSG imports EtherCAT industrial Ethernet bus technology from German to transmit the control signal for servo driver, external I/O and height-adjusting modules via bus; It can transmit bus data rapidly and accurately and perform well in interference immunity; With accurate positioning, you can cut sharp corners in high quality; EtherCAT can highly match with servo driver, giving full play to motor and reaching the higher rotating speed; What’s more, you can get the higher speed and more stable quality while cutting corners by using EtherCAT and follow-up height-adjusting technology.

Get Traceless and Overburnt-free Tubes at High Precision (±0.1mm)

R6 adopts accurate clamping technology designed for small tubes, hence, it can adjust its clamping force according to tube wall thickness and ensure that small tubes are clamped stably and will remain unchanged in shape; The two-row scroll wheels patented by HSG offer two force-bearing points to keep tube straightness and cutting precision even when tubes have to shake during cutting; The patented concave wheel support can prop up tubes in all directions to prevent tube bending deformation caused by gravity.

Intelligent Digital Chuck

Intelligent feedback: monitor claw status in real time, adopt closed-loop control and offer wireless data transmission, safe and reliable; Intelligent clamping: adjust its clamping force in self-adaptive way. Big tubes are clamped stably and small tubes will remain unchanged in shape.

Space Leapfrog, Flying Cutting

The industry’s unique patented technologies, namely, tube flying cutting and cross-plane space leapfrog cutting help to avoid cutting head from repeated lifting and falling. Cutting efficiency is further improved. Chucks take only 0.3s to rotate once. R6 is recognized as the fastest tube laser cutting machine in HSG Laser at present. Compared with same-grade models, its speed is improved by 90%+ and R6 can double its productivity now.

Imported Nesting Software

SigmaTube professional tube nesting software, seamlessly nested with Solidworks software, starts nesting instantly after drawing, high-efficient and time-saving; With powerful functions, it can not only nest general tubes, but also profiles like channel and angle steel; With intelligent typesetting, route optimization and co-edge cutting, SigmaTube will improve your processing efficiency and save production costs;

Automatic Loading and Unloading, Save Labor Cost

R6 can sort out and determine the cutting length of a bundle of tubes intelligently, and offer breakneck loading, only 15s needed per tube; Intelligent unloading, sort out finished products and wastes by itself, standard cutting length 6.5m; Offcuts and wastes are collected and discharged automatically.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Round Tube Dia
  • Side Length of Square Tube
  • Positioning Accuracy
  • Repositioning Accuracy
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Acceleration
  • Max. No-load Speed
  • Max. Chuck Speed

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