Although metals are mainly cut by traditional plasma in Ireland, laser cutting is gradually replacing the traditional cutting modes by right of its special competitive edges. In the first half year of 2022, two Irish enterprises decided to purchase two 12000W laser cutting machines from HSG Laser after deliberation. For HSG Laser, this event not only reveals its progress and outcome in the aspect of oversea market open-up, but also shows that European customers are increasingly accepting laser cutting machines, especially high-power machines.
Competitive Edges of High-power Laser Cutting Machines

In comparison with low power, 10kW+ laser cutting machines are featured by cutting the thicker sheet, the faster speed (increased by several times) and the smoother cutting section, therefore, almost no or little secondary polishing is needed to help to improve machining efficiency by and large. With that, users can easily cope with contingencies like order surge and urgent tasks. Due to greatly increased production ability, user manufacturers can get their costs back in a short term, especially for middle and small-sized companies, these high-power machines are a good helper to relieve their financial stress.
Machines Purchased by Irish Enterprise

GX Pro Series: High-power Sheet Laser Cutting Machine 12000W ▲
In addition, another GV series (12000W) is one of featured high-power models in HSG Laser. It has 30000W power, 169m/min no-load speed and 1.5G acceleration. Specially engineered for cutting thick sheets, GV can satisfy Irish customers’ requirements to cut sheet metals.

GV Series: High-power Sheet Laser Cutting Machine 30000W ▲
To make sure of machine quality conformity, HSG Laser sends out original machines from its Chinese manufacturing bases to Ireland by sea from afar. Our machines are packed by aluminum foil, metal framework, fumigation wooden case, anti-rust oil+oilpaper, moisture-barrier bag, plastic waterproof film, filled with foam and covered by vacuum aluminum foil and plastic film. These measures can meet international ocean shipping criteria at the cost of USD 1500 higher than other peers. Our purpose is to ship complete and intact machines to customers.

At present, high-power machines have emerged as an inevitable trend in the world-wide laser processing field. HSG Laser goes with the tide of the times and exerts its utmost efforts to the R&D and promotion of 10kW+ laser cutting machines now and in the next years. We have developed 20000W, 30000W and 40000W sheet cutting machines to speed up the transformation and upgrades of global laser cutting industry. That is, more users can be able to deserve and afford high-power machines.