On 24th, March, the commercial counsellor from the Embassy of Mexico visited the new headquarter of HSG Laser in Foshan and had a meeting with Yang Liu (the CEO of HSG) and Hongbiao Yu (VP). The counsellor visited the headquarters exhibition hall to fully understand the background of the establishment of HSG, its development history, company scale, main business, and main technical achievements.

The counsellor fully praised the development of HSG and said HSG is a competitive enterprise with strong R&D ability. Today, as Mexico is moving towards industrial technology, there is a great need for such a company to provide the technical equipment and solutions.

At the same time, the counsellor expressed his regard and recognition for the active overseas layout of HSG. He pointed out that the Mexican manufacturing industry is in a period of rapid development, and with its unique geographical advantage, industrial base and labor advantage, it may become the best site for HSG's production base in the Americas. He also hopes to have further in-depth communication with HSG and looks forward to further strategic deployment of HSG in Mexico in the fields of economy, trade and industrial investment.

In addition, the counsellor made a series of constructive suggestions for later cooperation. He introduced to HSG the considerations for establishing subsidiaries and factories in Mexico and the supporting policy support. He also proposed to provide relevant language support, assist in applying for personnel visas, assist in the recruitment and other matters to provide a strong guarantee for HSG to settle in America.

Finally, the counsellor expressed his great expectation for the performance of HSG at Fabtech Mexico from May 16 to 18, and further expressed his high expectation for the development of HSG and its overseas layout.