Jinshan Steel Structure Co., Ltd. specializing in steel structure processing and manufacturing, is committed to breaking the traditional process and way of thinking and establishing an intelligent factory for steel structure manufacturing through cross-system process management, resource utilization integration, and digital information technology with advanced equipment to promote industrial change in manufacturing.

This time, the company purchased HSG 30000W G26035FB large-format beveling laser cutting machine and 12000W TX12050S beveling heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine, together with HSG technical team to carry out the development of MES system.

This intelligent factory can use the model data output by TEKLA software of steel structure, combined with MES (Manufacturing Execution System), optimize the enterprise production and manufacturing management mode and achieve the enterprise refinement management. HSG, together with Jinshan Steel, will actively improve the core competitiveness of the enterprise based on intelligent manufacturing and create a model for steel structure management in China.