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HSG Customer Service Policy

The HSG customer service team is currently equipped with more than 200 professional employees, including pre-sale services, in-sale services, after-sales service, customer training and other professional teams, from technical process consulting, visits and sample inspection, customer site inspection planning and installation debugging , customer personnel training, equipment maintenance and repair, etc., provide 7*24 hours a full range of rapid response services.
  • Pre-sales Service

    Pre-sales Service

    Pre-sales Technical Consultation

    1. According to customer requirements, providing customers with product information, technical consultation, technical guidance, assisting customers or customizing professional laser processing solutions for customers through a variety of channels such as network, telephone, letter, and door-to-door service. 

    2. The company has four fully equipped intelligent exhibition halls in the headquarters, Suzhou, Qingdao and Ningbo branches, equipped with a professional reception team, which can provide customers with on-site visiting and inspection reception, on-site machine testing, incoming sample proofing and sample mailing at any time. 

  • During Service

    Assist customers in planning, designing production sites, free customer training, etc.

    1. The company adheres to the principle of honesty and fairness, regardless of the amount of the contract,  new or existing customers,  domestic and foreign customers, we will treat with integrity and fairness;

    2. Strictly implement the provisions of the contract. For each device ordered by the customer, we will strictly abide by the product standards, conduct multiple quality inspections, ensure quality and quantity to meet the requirements before shipment;

    3. On-site inspections for machine usage. Assisting customers in planning and designing production sites in accordance with the actual conditions of water, electricity, gas to meet the equipment operating requirements;

    4. When the equipment is delivered, provide customers with a complete set of equipment operation instructions, including installation guide, maintenance guide, unloading guide, training guide, etc..

    5. In order to ensure that customers can use the equipment efficiently and safely, HSG Laser will provide free and complete customer training. Before using the equipment, customers need to send machine operators to the HSG Laser training center to accept the related training, including laser basic theory, safety protection, equipment operation and maintenance, etc. After passing the training, a certificate of completion will be issued to effectively ensure the safety of the machine and the operator.

    During Service

  • After-Sales Service

    After-Sales Service

    24/7 Service

    1. The warranty period of the machine is 1 year (excluding: optical lenses, cutting nozzles, etc., equipment damage by wrong operations, natural disasters, force majeure factors, private changes, etc. are not covered by the warranty), free installation, free software upgrade;

    2. Quick response within 2 hours. After receiving user's report for repairing, after-sales engineer reply with solutions clearly or arrives at the equipment site within 24 hours;

    3. Network remote service and 400 telephone service, professionally trained engineers provide technical support and services to users around the world through the network; mainly use social software such as QQ, WeChat, Teamviewer to remotely and quickly find faults online and deal with them in a short time. Ensure users use equipment better;

    4. During the warranty period, the company will also occasionally assign engineering and technical personnel to work on user equipment for technical inspections, routine maintenance and inspection of equipment, also solve users' doubts.

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