Intelligent Tube Clamping Technology

The "smart thinking chuck" imported from abroad and exclusively used by HSG in domestic can feel claw clamping status and tube size, offer real-time wireless data transmission, and adjust its clamping force automatically. 180 IQ, simplified operation.

Automatic Loading and Unloading, to Save Labor Costs

Equipped with full-automatic loading system, it can load a whole bundle of tubes, sort out and determine the cutting length by itself without stopping;The intelligent unloading system can sort out finished products and wastes automatically. Standard length 3m, but 6m also available, over-length unloading;

Much Safer Protective Grating

It allows for safety distance and will stop quickly to protect itself and intruder.

Wide Scope of Application, No Worry about Special-shaped Tubes

It can process more tubes of wider dimensions, round tube dia. ø12mm-ø254mm, square tube side length 12mm-200mm;With HSG smart cutting head, easy to cut profiles like H steel, I-beam and special-shaped tubes like drop-shaped tube, concave tube;Max. bearing weight of tube: 200KG;strong processing capability.

Space Leapfrog, Flying Cutting

The industry’s unique patented technologies, namely, flying cutting and cross-plane space leapfrog cutting help to avoid cutting head from repeated lifting and falling. Cutting efficiency is further improved.

Simple Operation, Strong Assistance, Think What You Desire

  • Self-developed tube cutting system, user-friendly

    HSGX9000 control system is specially developed for tube cutting, so that it can intelligently detect tube deformation, offer automatic graphic offset compensation and guarantee cutting accuracy;Extremely simplified UI design, showing 2D intuitive tube graphs and be friendly to users; Provide a variety of worry-free functions based on customers, such as tube processing assistance, real-time detection of core parts, intelligent fault diagnosis, bed commissioning and upkeep expiration reminder, automatic lubrication and intelligent management.

  • Imported nesting software, brings high utilization rate and low cost

    SigmaTube professional tube nesting software, seamlessly nested with Solidworks software, starts nesting instantly after drawing, high-efficient and time-saving; With powerful functions, it can not only nest general tubes, but also profiles like channel steel, angle steel;Intelligent typesetting, route optimization, co-edge cutting, improve efficiency and save costs;

  • Intelligent remote control

    One button wireless control: calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc.; magnetic design, put and take at any time, convenient for operation.

Active Protection System

  • Anti-collision Protection

    The cutting head keeps a safe distance from the cutting surface at any time, and has the function of touch stop function to reduce the risk of collision.
  • Intelligent Stroke Protection

    Auto monitoring of transmission parts' travelling range transmission parts. The system can give sensitive feedback and quickly command to stop when abnormal, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  • Intelligent System Alarm

    Equipment can conduct self-inspection, main interface can display abnormal alarm, reduce hidden dangers and improve equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

HSG Family Design Language — Product Introduction Video

  • Integrated Bed

    HSG family protection design, laser protection glass, protecting human body from laser harm and keeping visual operation; intelligent safety monitoring system, stop automatically while protective door opens, reducing accident rate.
  • Much Safer Sealed Cabinet

    Electric cabinet is strictly sealed to prevent dust from entering in and polluting electrical components, and to avoid the components from being ignited.
  • Advanced Appearance Design

    In strict accordance with European design standards, HSG Laser uses humanized control console, smooth-lined suspension lamp and stainless steel edging, in pursuit for detail perfection. This is HSG’s quality commitment.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Round Tube Processing Dim.
  • Square Tube Processing Dim.
  • Retangle Tube Processing Dim.
  • Profile Processing
  • Max Single Tube Loading Weight
  • Max Bundle Loading Weight
  • Chuck Type
  • Chuck Max. Loading Weight
  • Chuck Rotaring Speed
  • Max. Moving Speed
  • Max. Acc. Speed
  • Positioning Accuracy
  • Repositioning Accuracy
  • Power Proection Grade
  • Laser Power
  • Machine Weight
  • Machine Weight (loading structure incl.)
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) loading structure incl.

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

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