What is Mirror-like surface Cutting?

It means that carbon steel is cut with very smooth surface by oxygen, just like a mirror. We call it as “mirror-like surface cutting”. This type of cutting is mainly applicable to medium-to-thick carbon steel.

Apparent Advantages for You

Why We can Make Mirror-like surface Cutting Come True?

Small nozzle

Our ultrasonic single- or double-layer nozzle is only 1.0-1.2mm. Gassing density is highly guaranteed.

High power

Our max. cutting power is 30kW. As we all know, the higher the power, the greater the cutting thickness. Under 12kW, the thickness of mirror-like surface cutting can reach up to 20mm.

Low cutting pressure

The cutting pressure is 0.6-1.2Bar, which can help to avoid overburnt surface caused by overmuch oxygen.

Comparison Table of Power and Mirror-like Surface Thickness

Power Mirror-like Surface Thickness (mm) Max. Cutting Thickness (mm)
3kw 8 20
4kw 10 22
6kw 12 25
8kw 16 25
10kw 20 30
12kw 20 40
  • Tips: 1. The above are conservative data. For well-preserved or high-purity materials, the max. thickness of mirror-like surface reaches 30mm under 12kW.
  • 2. The quality of mirror-like cutting mainly depends on high cutting speed, small nozzle, low nozzle height, low cutting pressure, appropriate power and cutting focus as well as degree of material purity.

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