1. Requirements For pure water
There’s a very strict requirement for the cooling water. It is required to use pure water, deionized water or distilled water and other water quality. Do not use tap water, mineral water and other water containing higher metal ions or other minerals. These water quality have a great influence on the cooling effect of the metal laser cutting machine.
2. Requirements For Temperature
In terms of temperature, the general requirement is to install the air conditioner, because the metal laser cutting machine body has a high heat dissipation during processing, especially the high-power metal laser cutting machine. In order to continue the processing process and keep the metal laser cutting machine working, it is necessary to stabilize the indoor temperature.
3. Requirements For Working Environment
The metal laser cutting machine first has requirements on the processing area environment. Generally, the ground is required to be relatively flat. The metal laser cutting machine processes on a flat ground so that the sheet metal material can be placed on the laser cutting platform smoothly. The level of flatness directly affects the accuracy and speed of processing.
Last but no the least, no matter metal laser cutting machine or fiber laser cutting machine, excessive dust is not allowed in the working area. Excessive amount of dust will affect the operator's body and visual visibility, so it must be smoke-free and dust-free to avoid a serious dust and metal working environment.